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UPDATE: GoPro firmware updates for the Hero 4 include a new “linear” mode. We have not tested this mode however it would appear that this solves the ‘problem’ of the fisheye effect that we are not so keen on. In this video we recommend a Medium field-of-view that is de-fisheyed in GoPro Studio. It would appear that linear mode does away with this time-consuming step.

In this Drone Film Guide tutorial we show you the steps to make your GoPro footage look more cinematic like it came from a DSLR or DJI Phantom/Inspire.

Firstly, get it right in camera with the correct field of view, colour and other settings. Second, enhance the footage in post-production by de-fisheyeing in GoPro Studio, adding some basic colour correction in FCPX or any other editing software, and add a letterbox to give the 2.35:1 cinematic aspect ratio.

The super wide angle GoPro look is not always the right look if you are aiming to blend your GoPro footage with non-GoPro footage or simply want it to look more ‘traditional’.

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