Cheerson CX-OF world’s smallest optical sensor drone for Beginners 2018

Best Drone for Beginners Cheerson CX-OF Dancing Position Hold FPV Camera Drone Flight Test Review, Optical Flow Flight Test Review. ► Available for US$46.99 :

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Cheerson CX-OF Features:
* It is equipped with optical flow that it can collect images by collector and calculate the shifting by optical flow method. The effective sensing height is 3-5m.
* It is equipped with dance mode which is the revolutionary APP feature. Pre-set the number of commands and it will follow the instruction together with music effects.
* It is equipped with barometer sensor to achieve height hold so that the pictures taken are better.
* The transmitter is new design and ultra-thin and it is equipped with internal battery.
* It is equipped with Wifi real-time transmission.
* Use the phone APP to control the aircraft. It has two control modes that one is control it by manual and the other is by gravity sensing.
* Trajectory mode: open the trajectory mode when controlled by mobile phone and it can automatically fly as the route drawn on the mobile phone
* One touch take-off, one touch landing and one touch switching of Mode 1/2
* Slefie mode: it is equipped with 0.3MP camera that it can rotate automatically to take selfie.
* It is designed with 4CH function and LED lights.
* It is equipped with 360° 3D flips & rolls.
* It can sense about the locations changes and 6-axis gyro makes the flying more stable.
* Ascend/descend, forward/backward, turn left/right, left/right rotation, etc.


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