How To Play Golf – Establishing Your Practice Priorities

Practice Like The Pros All good players understand the importance of prioritizing practice on areas of the game that make the greatest difference between good golf and great golf. I will give you some interesting stats below that demonstrate what makes players like Phil Mickelson, Jim Furyk, and Tiger Woods the great players they are. […]

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Does Warren Buffett Have Asperger’s Syndrome and Does This Make Him Financially Gifted?

Before I tell you about Warren Buffett, I first need to lay some groundwork for the article because there are some very common misconceptions about Asperger’s Syndrome, and in this particular case, I mean it as a compliment to Warren Buffett’s extraordinary abilities to think that he has this. Asperger’s Syndrome (sometimes shortened to “aspergers” […]

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5 Life Changing Lessons That You Can Learn From 'Yes Man' the Movie

This movie was released last year but why it is related with life and personal growth? It is really a wonderful movie if you are able to extract some important keys to live life happily. Therefore, let me do the work for you. I have analyzed the movie and learned many important keys to live […]

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